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Wed Feb 16 10:39:27 CST 2011

Brooks wrote: 
>Does anyone have a GPX track of the Great Divide Trail? And any
>recommendations to figure out weather and snow levels in Canada along the

Brooks - 
GDT info here - 
Guidebook info here - 
Guidebook errata here - 
The guidebook has GPS waypoints but I don't know how good they are because we didn't (and still don't) 
use GPS.  I know that a couple of the waypoints in the book are off, but it's usually obvious.  I do, however, 
recommend using a GPS for this trail. 
For snow info call the Parcs Canada office at Jasper.   I thought I had the phone # but can't find it 
right now.  You can probably find it online. 
BTW - we called them in June to make reservations - call earlier.  We were just plain lucky to 
get what we wanted/needed. 
Also - don't plan on leaving too early.  When we called in June there was still 5 ft of snow on the ground in Jasper.  
Also - yes, I know some of the links on our website ar dead.  I need to fix that, just haven't gotten there yet. 
PS - If you want to talk about it -  our phone # is 717-496-0468


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