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ok ya'll it's getting to be that time of year for you nobo's doing the columbus route to let me know about it - the normal thing that people do is to fly into el paso, TX and greyhound to deming where I will pick you up at the bus station - if you come in on the AM bus I will take you right to the border and you can start if you want to - if you come in on the PM bus I will pick you up at the bus station - we will grab a bite to eat at a great local mexican food restaurant - if you need supplies we will go to wm for them then home to our place for a shower and all the info I have for water sources - in the morning I will take you to the border for a nominal fee of $20 per carload not per person - you will get my guided tour of where you're hiking and you can cache water in a spot it might be needed - I am NOT a morning person so don't plan on being at the border at 7 AM - you will have time to hike thru columbus and make it to the boonies to spend the night - normal hiking time is 2 1/2 days to our place - j. ley changed the route some so it goes right by our house - I will also tell you about a great BBQ place on the route that all the hikers rave about - I know the owners and they have agreed to $1 off any sandwich for hikers only - we're trying to come up with a hearty sandwich we can name the CDT - any suggestions from past hikers that have eaten there? - they do have a sandwich challenge but I think that only sobo's with big hiker appetites could do it - last year we had 24 thru hikers stay at our place nobo - will we beat that record this year?
if you need to call with questions feel free at 575 494 4357
see ya

el coyote
Keith and Mary
Trail Angels
Deming, NM
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