[Cdt-l] New CDTA mapbooks for New Mexico and Colorado

Jerry Brown bearcreek at wic.net
Tue Feb 22 21:09:03 CST 2011

The CDTA Mapbook for New Mexico has now been published.  It is available for
sale from the publisher at www.lulu.com where a search for "CDT Map" should
get you to all the Mapbook products.


We received a lot of helpful feedback last year by users of our Colorado
book, most of whom we met in Montana on the trail. Several felt

That the waypoint tables in the back of the book added unnecessary weight.
We decided to remove the tables and make them 

available online. The New Mexico book is published minus the tables and we
have republished  the Colorado book that way as well.  The

tables have been made into separate pdf documents that are packaged with the
free waypoint files available online from CDTA.  There

are 1946 waypoints for New Mexico and 1591 for Colorado.  They are broken
into files of 500 or fewer so they should work on just about

any gps.  The waypoints are in gpx format, so you may have to use Babel to
make them work in some makes of gps receivers.  Babel is 

a free program that converts between various gps formats.


In addition to the regular download versions, we have published  e-book
versions at the request of several hikers.  I think they are

contemplating using a smart phone as gps, phone, and e-book reader.  This
would be quite a weight savings over carrying printed maps, 

a gps, and a phone individually.  We have gotten the e-books to work in the
following : Mobipocket, Adobe Digital Editions,  Repligo 

for Blackberry, and a guru friend of ours got it working on a Ipad and
Iphone.  I personally am a bit skeptical of all this due to the issue of
keeping such a device charged when out on the trail for long periods of
time.  I guess we will see.  


This link will get you to Babel:



This link will get you to the free waypoints and tables:



This link will get you the Adobe e-reader:



The mapping crew will be back on the trail again in June.  We still have
almost all of Wyoming and a third of Montana then we will be 

finished.  Hope to see you out there.


best wishes,


Jerry Brown  (bearcreek)

GPS Mapping Specialist

The Continental Divide Trail Alliance

bearcreek at wic.net





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