[Cdt-l] New CDTA mapbooks for New Mexico and Colorado

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Hi all,

Just a couple of questions regarding the CDTA mapbooks:

Is there anyway to bundle the ebook and physical books?

When will the rest of the series be released?

Do these follow the "official" route?

Thanks in advance,

Steven (Flying Tortoise)

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I just went and set it up so it shows maps. I think it's working now.

best wishes,

Jerry Brown
GPS Mapping Specialist
The Continental Divide Trail Alliance

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The lulu.com preview has the first 12 pages of the book previewed, but
none of the maps fall within those first 12 pages.

Is there an example or 2 of what the actual maps look like? I'm sure
plenty of folks will buy them sight unseen, but it would be *real* nice
to see what they look like.


The CDTA Mapbook for New Mexico has now been published.  It is available
for sale from the publisher at www.lulu.com where a search for "CDT Map"
should get you to all the Mapbook products.

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