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Brian Dickson briansolar1 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 25 07:06:52 CST 2011

Well done Jonathan. Your hard work will be fully appreciated yet again by all 
the CDT hikers heading out there in 2011.

Brian, Black Isle, Scotland


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Whew... I just finished sorting through hundreds of marked-up maps, 
random scribbled notes, confusing e-mail messages and even a bunch of 
trail journals and blog entries... These are the ingredients for the 
2011 CDT-ROM. Those of you already on the waiting list should get an 
update in the mail in the coming week (may take longer for 
international). If you're not on the list, and want a CD, just send me 
an e-mail with your mailing address. More about the "CDT-ROM" is here:

The changes for 2011 consist mostly of "lots of little things" - route 
corrections/updates, new notes, edited notes, deleted notes... It's been 
an interesting process seeing how the CDT routing gets better and better 
each year. Each year I do this, I get a little homesick for the trail... 
and jealous of the new hikers who get new trail where the rest of us had 
to suffer through a road walk. I just might have to take another long trip.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the updates for 2011... and in all 
the previous years. The CDT-ROM works because of you. Thanks also to the 
CDTA & CDTS, trail angels, and advocates for making the trail all it can 
be. And thanks to all the hikers - a trail only exists if people follow 
their dreams, get out there and put feet to the ground.

2011 is gonna rock!

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