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When we thruhiked in 1999 I was injured by a rockfall.  We spent a week in Salmon, getting medical treatment for my hand and Jim's leg, then a local resident drove us up to the Divide above Jahnke Lake.  We were very surprised to see old trail markers on the Diivide north of Goldstone Pass.  We figured that at one time they intended to route the trail up there, but for some reason couldn't finish the connection so rerouted it down to the roads in the valley.  I think the high route would be good. I'd love to see it again.



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I like the idea. Those river canyons in Montana are so beautiful. I see there is already a bit of trail marked on my 
Topo map leading up the Janke creek basin. Then it looks like you would cross the saddle between peak 9331 and 9778 and 
continue south to Darkhorse lake. I rememebr the divide as being very rugged and dramatic in that section. 
It would also help hikers avoid the road down Darkhorse canyon which had many ATV's and 4X4 vehicles  on it when i passed through.
I found a large hunting arrow with a razor sharp tip in the grass while descending from Cowbone lake... popular place for hunters I think.
The north facing slope above Cowbone and west of peak 9392 was crumbling and a really poor place to put a trail. That area is going to be
a big challenge for a trail crew. That saddle has the remains of an old mining road/ATV track on it and it looked freshly used when i was there. but only up to the south side.
This would be great news for hikers. I was really sad to leave the divide in this area and kinda wished i had made a cross country route.
It would be great if the CDTS and Forest Service can work something out through here that keeps hikers closer to the divide and those fabulous craggy ridgelines.
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