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Matthew Edwards Hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Wed Jan 12 20:18:42 CST 2011

I forgot the most important issue!!
I was required to send the 20 bucks-pre registration fee via mail
when i registered a week in advance for the permit.
My permit only became active after they recieved the check.(Yes ,I carry a few checks on my thru hikes.. so what?!)
Of course it helped that I had a portable email device to see that they got the check my permit became active
but it would not have deterred me from instituting my backup plan.. claim ignorance..
There really is no hope for us CDT hikers when it comes to dealing with beurocracy.
You walk thousands of miles and suddenly someone want to try and tell you where you can and can't camp.
The friggin campsites were huge! 
I felt guilty in my tiny Gossamer tent taking up all of 25 square feet in a 1/4 acres site just to lay down and sleep for 7 hours!
The senior ranger at the BC office knows.. He was going to try and work out a way thru hikers could share sites
with other park users since we are almost ghosts out there.
At any rate, Yellowstone was easier to negotiate with than Glacier on the subject of permits. IMHO
Anyhow.. good luck!
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