[Cdt-l] Intro 2011

Ryley Breiddal ryleyb at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 00:01:52 CST 2011

Hi there,

Hoover here, planning a SOBO hike starting late June/early July 2011.
I did the PCT in 2007, had a blast, and the itch has returned, so here
I am.

Most people probably reminisce about how hard their year on trail X
was, but not me - 2007 HAS to have been one of the best years ever to
do a thru-hike of the PCT.  Zero snow in the Sierras after June 15th.
3 days of rain in all of OR/WA.  Of course, if you finished after ~
September 23rd, maybe you can argue with me, but I was safely home by
those massive storms :)  That does leave me with some residual fears -
I haven't tried to make big miles in snow before.  I didn't really
have to navigate at any point on the PCT.  I never ran into a bear
while using my food bag as a pillow.

I've now read a lot of CDT journals (hat tip to Buddha, fav journal).
I get that this will be an experience.  With only a few exceptions, I
feel well equipped for it.  Bring on the fun!

If anyone is planning on similar start time, I can offer a ride from
Calgary to Waterton.

Ryley Breiddal

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