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I've started SOBO twice, once in 2005 and once in 2009:



Depending on the year, snow can be pretty ferocious if you try to take the
highline (as I tried in 05) through Glacier. Because of camping
restrictions, no one does big miles through the park anyways, so your first
week is pretty low mileage.  Between East Glacier and Lincoln there is snow
to be found, with the worst of it along the Chinese Wall in 09. Both years
were about average. Both times I hiked the stretch in something like 7 days,
though some of those days were on the hard side due to snow.  Further south
in 09 there was some snow, but it was nothing to get too worked up about.

I would highly recommend you to not sleep with your food on the CDT until
you get to..., well, maybe just don't do it. I slept with my food every
night on the PCT in 03, but would definitely not do it if there are grizz
around.  People do do it on the CDT, but after running in to multiple
grizzlies on the CDT and on the Great Divide in Canada, and in the Coast
Range of BC, it just isn't something I'd do.


On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 10:01 PM, Ryley Breiddal <ryleyb at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> Hoover here, planning a SOBO hike starting late June/early July 2011.
> I did the PCT in 2007, had a blast, and the itch has returned, so here
> I am.
> Most people probably reminisce about how hard their year on trail X
> was, but not me - 2007 HAS to have been one of the best years ever to
> do a thru-hike of the PCT.  Zero snow in the Sierras after June 15th.
> 3 days of rain in all of OR/WA.  Of course, if you finished after ~
> September 23rd, maybe you can argue with me, but I was safely home by
> those massive storms :)  That does leave me with some residual fears -
> I haven't tried to make big miles in snow before.  I didn't really
> have to navigate at any point on the PCT.  I never ran into a bear
> while using my food bag as a pillow.
> I've now read a lot of CDT journals (hat tip to Buddha, fav journal).
> I get that this will be an experience.  With only a few exceptions, I
> feel well equipped for it.  Bring on the fun!
> If anyone is planning on similar start time, I can offer a ride from
> Calgary to Waterton.
> Ryley Breiddal
> Hoover
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