[Cdt-l] Sleeping with Food in Grizzly Country

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Thu Jan 13 15:53:13 CST 2011

I'll second that.  
And don't kid yourself about the "south to Yellowstone" thing.  The "Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative" 
was taken seriously by a LOT of govenrment agencies.  It pretty much established the griz corridor 
We had to compete with them for a table at Serranos in East Glacier on one of our hikes.   


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> > Suge said:
> >
> > I would highly recommend you to not sleep with your food...
> > if there are grizz around.
> I cannot agree with this statement more. There are very few places
> along the CDT anywhere in Montana where sleeping with your food would
> be an acceptable practice. The entire corridor from Glacier south to
> Yellowstone is considered to be griz country and following proper
> hanging or canister techniques is highly recommended for both the
> safety of the hiker as well as the bear.
> - samh
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