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Hi everyone
I just wondered over here from the PCT-L where I have been a section hiker for the past several years, with about 1/3 of the trail done.  I am retiring next month and plan to go for a much longer walk this summer.  I am starting to look over here at the CDT as my next major hike and saw that some folks start it about mid March.  So, I asked myself, "Why not get a good chunk of the CDT done this spring while waiting for the snows to milt in the Sierras?"  New Mexico is much flatter and should allow me to get in shape for some distance walking before I do northern California and beyond.  Then I can finish up the CDT next year from wherever I end up this year.  Sound nuts?  Well I have been so time restricted for years now that I am ready to just about do anything.  Besides I can't do the Sierras till mid June at the earliest, maybe latter.  We have had a lot of snow this year.  I am sure that Colorado did too.
So, all that is to say that although I have been out there for several years now, my knowledge as to the CDT is limited.  I have ordered a few books and such but am impatient to receive them.  My big and first question is, How do people get to the starting point?  Is there regular bus service from Albuquerque or do I need to change at Roswell or Los Cruces?  I know that I'm not leaving my car out there.
I have also seen something about water being put out every ten or so miles.  Hay, I love a Trail Angel.  When do they starting putting the water out there and can it be relayed upon or do I need to carry a ton of water with me?
Thanks for your feed back.  I look forward to getting to know you all.
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