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Thanks for getting in to Wagontongue Mtn last fall with your crew. Are you 
saying they removed the deadfall from the trail on the whole north slope? 
That was a lot. Reestablishing the trail through the burn area and clearing 
out that deadfall is highly appreciated by hikers I'm sure. Jim Wolf told me 
this issue had been mentioned repeatedly to the FS, with no action in 
response. Looks like you beat them to it. Way to go!

I went through there southbound in Oct 09. I've only hiked the CDT in 
southern New Mexico so far (CDTS recommended route), plus most of Glacier, 
but the north slope of Wagontongue Mtn, especially at upper elevations, had 
to be the most neglected stretch of trail I encountered. I don't know if the 
FS keeps track of such things, or whether you can get that info from them, 
but I wonder if you can tell me how long it had been since the last time 
that part of the trail had been cleared. My guess is 20 years, but I'm 
really interested to know.

I haven't seen any response to your request for a report from this year's 
hikers. Maybe we'll have to wait for the SOBOs.

Tom Laskowske
Davao City, Philippines

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We had a similar issue last year with hikers heading SB over and down 
Wagontongue Mtn in the Gila NF, many lost the trail through the burn and 
there were 100+ blowdowns.  We were able to get a volunteer crew in there 
last fall and help reestablish the trail through the burn and remove all 
deadfall.  I would be curious to hear this years report coming down from 
Wagontongue if anyone has one.  It's on CDTA map 47 and 48 (just north of 
John Kerr Peak.)


See you on the trail,

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