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For anyone in the Montana area, Walkin' Jim was a great song writer and singer and many of his songs I just can't get out of my head, like; "I'm heading northward, to the border and I'm almost there . . ."

Greg Hummel

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Jim's wife Leslie is planning a special tribute to Jim in Big Sky MT on August 20th.  She asked me to help spread the word - in case you haven't already heard about the event, details are attached.  Please feel free to pass on, post, publicize as you see fit...


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Hi you two,

It’s Leslie Stoltz.  Aug 20, Friends and family are hosting a memorial for Walkin Jim Stoltz.
I’ve attached a bit of info about this event and hope very much you could help us get the word out.
As you know, Jim dedicated his life to wild places.  Many of his efforts encouraged this vision to young people.
A Kid for the Wild Scholarship fund will offer young people opportunities to get outside.

We will have a booth for organizations to display info if you are interested.

Please be in touch with me if you need any more info.

Thanks so much.


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