[Cdt-l] Fords N of Togwotee Passs 7/26

Scott "Voyageur" Piddington sp2mtns at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 29 15:50:00 CDT 2011

On 7/25 I reached South Buffalo Fork via the red route on Ley wy8. It was too high, too fast & the glacial water made the rocks abd my feet invisable. After some searching for alterntives I made camp, discouraged.

On the morn of 7/26 I headed up stream to the falls in note 1 on wy8. I had crossed there in 2009 with San Gabriel. About 75 feet down stream of the falls, all the water is channelled thru a narrow slot or chasm. The sides if the chasm are no more than 6 feet apart and 30 or 40 feet high. This runs for maybe a hundred feet. There is an old fallen tree that almost bridges the chasm but falls shor by about 6 inches in the north side. It also leaves you 4 feet below the top of the north side cliff with great foot holds and good hand holds on top. I put a sm
all tree across as a hand rail. This is for balance only. It will not support weight. A couple of other hikers could replace it with something sturdier. This is a very sketchy crossing.. Not for folks with vertigo. A fall would likely be ones end.

GPS coords are below.
 This is vrey cliffy terra

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