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I've been watching Snotel locations in CO and WY and they are melting off at
about 12-18" a week. On the date mentioned, they went 2-3". Wolf Creek still
shows 44", but Beartown (near Silverton) is down to 18".  The Animas River
is rising fast in Durango. 

We are headed up to begin the Great Basin this coming weekend.  The snow is
116" deep near the Colorado border but nonexistent 40 miles north of there
where we are starting.  

best wishes,

Jerry Brown
GPS Mapping Specialist
The Continental Divide Trail Alliance
bearcreek at wic.net

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Hello All

Thought this was a really interesting image:


It shows how much snow melted in one day (June 2 - June 3) across the
western U.S.

Looks like over three inches of water (30 inches of snow) melted off the
snowpack in parts of CO on this particular day.


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> Speedstick here,
> Just checking in from Grants, NM. Can't believe the trail has gone by as
> fast as it has, although it's almost unavoidable to push mileage as dirt
> road walking comes easy. There are several hikers who have bottlenecked
> in Grants, staying witht he wonderful Hugo and Carole. I think everyone's
> idea is to stick close through the area and enter the San Juans by the
> beginning of the 2nd week of June and then going on by ourselves
> at least me anyways (planning to be done by ALDHA's gathering on the 22nd
> though). Sticking together will allow for saftey in numbers and the
> experiences we all have had on previous trails amongst other experience
> living and skiing backcountry in mountainous terrain should allow for safe
> passage.
> The hikers in town now are: Peanut Eater, Hurricane, Paranoid, Smiletrain,
> Straightjacket, Tomato and one other hiker(a solo female) just arrived an
> hour ago. Fun bunch of hikers, indeed. I am glad to be sharing my time
> the CDT with them all.
> OK, enough of this technology, back to the hiking today, heading over
> Taylor in beautiful blue skies....
> Speedstick
> -- 
> *To find out more about Mary and her upcoming hike along the 3,000 mile
> Continental Divide Trail please go to*: www.marriedtothetrail.com
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> Subject: [Cdt-l] CDT Snowpack
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> On the subject of snowpack - this year's snowpack is at "epic" levels
throughout much of the west. Everyone's probably heard that.  The depth of
snow is one threat, the amount of water in the snow column is also unusually
high. And many areas are having a cool spring, so the melt is delayed. All
this means that run-off has the potential to create some serious flooding
and damage. No one knows yet exactly what will happen or when it will
happen. And impacts are likely to be highly variable. There are potential
challanges beyond when will the trails be open.  Bridges, and even roads,
are at risk of severe damage - they may, or may not, be what you expect them
to be.  If I were planning a hike this year, I'd watch as closely as I can
the news and check on various sources of info for specific areas (park
serice, forest servise etc).  And, I'd probably watch this list - the CDT
community is great at bringing site specific info forward.  As for the
Pintlers, I drove over Lost Tra
>  Pass yesterday where the snow is still so deep the rest area is closed
and there were fresh telemark tracks on the ski slope.......August?  Let's
> Phil Hough 
> Chair - Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness
> All about the Scotchmans:   http://www.ScotchmanPeaks.org
> Follow us on Facebook:       http://www.Facebook.com/ScotchmanPeaks
>> Today's Topics:
>>   1. CDT Snowpack (Danandgailsc)
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>> Subject: [Cdt-l] CDT Snowpack
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>>>>> Interesting year to be on the trail....
>> With that in mind, Gutsy and I need to determine the best time to hike
through the Anaconda Pintlers.  In mid July 2008 we were headed south on the
CDT and turned around due to snow at 9,000' elevation on the switchbacks
above Upper Seymour Lake.  I am now planning to begin hiking south from
there on August 15, and hope it will be passable.
>> Gutsy and Odometer
>> Gail and Dan
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> From: "John Hildebrand" <John.Hildebrand at TRW.COM>
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> Hi everyone.
> Has anyone heard any feedback (+/-) from thru's using iphones on the trail
(interested in GPS sensitivity, topo map apps (can you use them with no
phone service), and battery life)??
> Sounds like it could be a great consolidation for weight savings...
> Thanks,
> John "Sycamore" Hildebrand
> PCT2004
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> Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 08:36:25 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Bob Brewer <peektrekker4 at aol.com>
> Subject: [Cdt-l] NM Nbnd Snow Lk to NM-12
> To: cdt-l at backcountry.net, jlewis at mt.gov, jonathan at phlumf.com,
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> JLey 32 -
> Just N Snow Lk & just bef gravel rd goes L uphill, go R on lesser dirt rd;
a bit further just bef rd curves left around hill, R on even lesser dirt rd,
????R. It ends @ fence & you enter x-cnty in T Bar Cyn; take h2o 1st pl you
see it, as there is no more, excpt 1 filthy cowhole - Wolf 5.3.
> Climb out of T Bar Cyn not marked, or obvious; I didn't miss narrow, deep
cyn, but gps track didn't fit when I started up obvious tr, once in cyn;
went back to T Bar, Around  next hill & climbed up into grassy ridges
> JLey 31 -
> Didn't go to Eckleberger or Turkey spgs - too far off. 
> Where x-country shortcut starts, multi-rock cairn about at Divide & 2-rock
cairn about where gps track bgns x-country.
> JLey 30 -
> No h2o Note 7 - enter Cox Cyn.  Davis Spg bare trickle fm spg pipe, 10-15
min/qt; tank full, but 3 dead squirrels or whatever on bottom of tank. IF
> Deadman Tank has h2o, blu-brn fm 200 yds away; Deadman Spg has shallow,
scumy, sm puddle.
> At a cattle guard, the CDTA rte comes in fm the R; turn L on FS-3070; soon
pass a CDT sign, shortly a lg cairn tells you to drop off 3070, then signs
galore; correct rte is in 2010 Wolf N NM Book & on CDTA maps, so should be
no more confusion, or fading out trs Sbnd. Tread is fairly new & obvious.
> JLey 29 & CDTA 46 -
> Maintenance Note (hence Maint): Switchbacks in burn are are treacherous -
way too much loose rocks & dirt for steepness; descent to saddle also
slippery, w/1 easy step under tree across tr. 2 trees on tr abt .5 aft
saddle; a lg tree abt 1.0 aft saddle.
> Took Wolf & JLey purple alt in Sect PB 39. NO h2o in tank & no h2o fm hose
bet 2 cabins uphill to L; Todd Cienega Tank has brn-grn h2o.
> Got on wrong rd @ jct bef Note 1; where higher rd to SE crosses saddle of
2nd point dropped dn x-country back into Govina Cyn, just bef Note 4 - but
no h2o or visible spg. Follow old rd traces & footpaths to dry Lopez Tank;
rd curves away fm drainage; @ a stump w/2 rock cairn on top, & a piece of
rusty sheet metal (not a trash pile), turn L up drainage (I went up open
slope to R of drainage.).
> Maint: On long descent off Wagontongue Mtn, 16 trees on tr to Damian Spg
> DAMIAN SPG IS DEAD this spring; spent an hr round trip fightin my way up
to 2 pools, abt 1/2 in deep; couldn't be dug out as no flow to clear the
> @ Nm-12, 2 gl cache, not enough in this dry, dry yr, but greatly
> Trekker
> Sent on the go from my Peek
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