[Cdt-l] NM Nbnd Cuba to Ghost Ranch

Bob Brewer peektrekker4 at aol.com
Tue Jun 7 07:56:07 CDT 2011

CUBA cont'd --
Herman & Frances of the Cuba Laundry, abt halfway bet Cuban Restaurant & Del Prado Motel want to personally thank all past, present, & future CDT hikers for their business! Friendliest laundromat operators you'll ever find; they should be given special mention in your Town Guide, Yogi! 
Del Prado Rest, nxt to D P Motel, just adequate; Cuban Cafe also just average;

MAINT: S P Parks Wilderness, 140 trees dn to N Boundary fm Los Pinos Trhd. 
7 more fm Cecilla Cyn to gravel FR-103. 
CDTA 95 bet 4.8 & 5.8, 7-8 trees dn on tr.
Bet 6.4 & 7.5 absolute trash tr; tr disappears. Needs heavy brushback & marking; over 50 trees dn on tr; finally could go no further; had to fight way steeply uphill thru trash forest to road. WHAT IS GOING ON W/THIS 1.1 MI? IT'S A DISGRACE!
O'growth near bottom of descent to Ojitos Cyn, tot across tr in pl; also abt 10 trees dn on descent fm rd & in Ojitos Cyn.

CDTA 96/JLey 8 (but not noted as source on either - is noted in Wolf) --
Los Ojitos Spring .1 N of 11.9 gate/stile has plenty of h2o; 2 of us wrestled ver heavy concrete cover off spg box, but don't recommend this - eventually branch thru rebar hoop will break & cover couldn't be put back; just take fm spring streams or lake & treat.
CDTA 96/JLey 8 --
1 of 2 troughs is abt 13.2 on Map 96 & quite a bit S of Note 2 on 8, by the "on" in the word "Canyon" & abt 100 yds to NW of tr; great h2o.
Great h2o @ 2nd tank, 100 yds N of Wilderness Bndy, right beside tr.

Cecilla Cyn has plenty of good h2o; didn't check out spring.
CDTA 95/JLey 8 --
Didn't investigate Fuertes Spring.

Tons of h2o thru San Pedro Parks Wild; no h2o @ CDTA Seg 25 WP 13.5.

Took JLey rte along Rio Chama to resupply @ Ghost Ranch -
W at hirlpool Cgnd has FS toilets; Big Eddy Takeout also (& takeout isn't food!).

Ghost Ranch: I'm not impressed, food average w/no choices, staff didn't want to give me quarters for laundry, pd $102 for 2 nights in room shared w/another hiker, showers weren't working in other buildings & had to walk to campground several 10ths away for hot shower - but redeeming grace is I ate 5 meals for my $102, don't know if supposed to, but did; place just very disorganized, minor maintenance not kept up, no one seemed to be able to answer ?s w/over 100 people here right now. They do mail things out for you, weighed & charged @ front desk; no one's mentioned that before

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