[Cdt-l] Trail conditions - Monarch Pass to Copper Mtn/Wheeler Flats

Ben Mayberry benmayberry at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 09:30:35 CDT 2011

From Monarch Pass, I hiked ~5 miles down the highway to the Colorado Trail and followed it to Twin Lakes. The CDT and CT diverge at Monarch Pass with the CDT staying west of the divide and at higher elevation, the CT staying east and lower. It was almost entirely snow free except for some short patches on N facing slopes.

Mt Elbert was surprisingly snow free on both the south and north trails, the S moreso than the N. I saw ~10 day hikers summitting the same day as me, so it should be no problem for a CDT hiker.

Back on the CDT after Twin Lakes, I hit a lot of snow in the Mt Massive Wilderness - continuous snow for miles at a time through forested terrain. I hiked through the snow to Turquoise Lake then decided to avoid further snow by road walking through Leadville to Tennessee Pass to rejoin the CDT.

From Tennessee Pass to Copper Mtn/Wheeler Flats, there was maybe 10 miles of continuous snow centered around the Kokomo and Searle Passes area then patches of snow during the descent to Copper Mtn/Wheeler Flats.

I'm leaving on the Grays/T orreys route today, headed for Grand Lake next. I'll post conditions when finished.

Hope it helps,
Ben Mayberry

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