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90 degrees in Durango as I write this.  It's melting normally up there now.
Beartown  Snotel station is melted out.  The problem will be stretches of
buried trail on steep protected slopes where you don't want to fall.  These
areas persist in a normal year until early August.  I would take a
lightweight ice axe and some mini-spikes and go for it.  


You might consider doing all this SOBO from Monarch to Cumbres to give the
San Juans another week to melt.  


best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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I don't plan to get lost (too often), but I am planning to hike from Cumbres
Pass to Monarch Pass starting about 7-3-11. I have a couple of questions. 

1) How is the snow in the San Juans? Are people still by passing the CDT and
hiking lower elevations? I believe some hikers have gone thru on the
'official' route.

2) Any ideas about stashing my vehicle  in a resupply town while I hike this
section? I guess I am looking for a trail angel person/establishment. Mini



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There are several places between Chama and Silverton where it is easy to
take a wrong turn and a gps and maps are extremely helpful.  This is
particularly true when there is a lot of snow.

The waypoints are free online from www.cdtrail.org  The CDTA Colorado
Mapbook is available as a physical book or downloaded for a price from
www.Lulu.com (search for Continental Divide Trail Mapbook) To get the hard
copy version takes a week but you could download it and print the pages you
need.  Jonathan Leys maps they are free but that might take some time for
him to send his cd. The National Geographic Maps that you will find in
Pagosa Springs are not particularly great for navigation but combined with a
gps they may work. 

Perhaps a better idea might be to wait around a few days and see if you can
hook up with some other hikers that are better prepared. There are probably
people coming through about now. 

best wishes,

Jerry Brown
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My name is Robert and I am currently thru hiking the CDT. I made it 20 miles
north of Cumbres Pass when I got incredibly lost for hours. Due to lack of
food and bad navigation skills I turned back around and now I'm back in
Chama. I'm going to hitch hike to Pagosa Springs to go to the outfitter to
get better maps and maybe a GPS. There lies my problem. I don't know
anything about GPS. I'm not good with electronics. What should I do? 

*Is there anyone on this list that can talk me through the steps of getting
a GPS?

*Or, is there anyone who lives in, or close to Pagosa Colorado, who can show
me how to work and sit up a GPS?

*Or, even better, is there anyone close to Pagosa that would sell me there
old used GPS, or let me rent there GPS? (money is kind of an issue - I'm a
college kid on a budget)

All I know, is that it was pretty scary being lost in the woods of Colorado
and, I know that there is a lot of snow ahead of me. Is there any Angels out

My e-mail is rbrtshivers at yahoo.com. Drop me a line with you phone number and
I will call when I get to Pagosa in a few hours. For now, I'm going to be
hitch hiking and that might take awhile.

Thank you in advance for anyone's help.

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