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Travis Naibert tnaibert at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 17:40:11 CDT 2011

> Robert and Eric White,

Liv and I hiked the Cumbres to Wolf Creek Pass section thru the South San
Juans starting Monday the 13th and finishing Friday the 17th. We met three
other thru hikers, so there should be at least 5 sets of footprints in the
snow this week, though those tracks may be melted out by July 3rd. I'm sure
at least a few other hikers will go through between our finish and your
start, so watch for footprints.

For the most part, the navigation is fairly easy but there are a few places
where there is snow in the trees and it is hard to see really far. Try to
keep track of yourself on the maps at all times and use your compass in the
trees. Watch out for icy slopes above big cliffs.

We did not have a GPS so it is definitely not a necessity, but some of our
fellow hikers had one and it seemed to help a lot in trees. Be careful out
there and if you do get a GPS I would advise still using your own navigation
most of the time so that you don't become complacent.

I just wanted to let you know that people have come through that section
this year and that it isn't that tough. By July 3rd you should be in even
better shape, but there will still be lots of snow.

Travis (and Liv), flip-flop flapping CDT 2011.

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