[Cdt-l] Transparent Overlays

Yeti yeti1938 at fultek.com
Mon Jun 27 18:54:59 CDT 2011

If anyone would like to try CDT transparencies I have made up for Garmin 
GPS units, please contact me offline @ yeti1938 at gmail.com. These are 
beta versions in that all the tracks on the transparencies are the same 
color. I made separate transparent maps for each state.  I don't have 
time right now to pull out all the alternates & make them separate 
colors. I also have put all the gpx files used for them on my website. 
Credit for them goes to others. I can't guarantee them as I just rounded 
them all up online. They do include tracks for the Columbus route. I am 
leaving on a section hike in a few days so not much time left for this. 
I'm sorry about that.


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