[Cdt-l] Starting at Lemhi Pass friday

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It's not just the snow. Last year on June 30th I was unable (didn't want to try alone) to cross the South Fork of Sheep Creek which is north of Lemhi and south of Big Hole Pass. http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?trailname=10902 Spring stream run off is more dangerous than rotting snowpack. It sounds like you are headed south from Lemhi. Good luck! Mini Mart 

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We'll be starting at Lemhi Pass Friday, July 1. I have not been able to get definitive info on the snow conditions, though a ranger out of Leadore said the snow level is at 8500 feet. I will be posting our spot location on my journal daily at www.postholer.com/Jo. Under normal conditions we travel 20+ miles a day, so if we appear to be going a lot slower you will know we have substantial snow, we're lost, or some combination thereof! I will try to give more info, if and when we reach Lima in about a week. We fly to Missoula, MT tomorrow and will be on the trail, hopefully, Friday morning. First location posting Friday night.

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