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bad link, google,...?
Goes south to Darkhorse road (creek road) and then north to withinn 1/2 mile of Jahnke Lake?? 
I thought MT53 was the most alternative rich of the Ley Maps.? I voted for alternative 3 to be the most absurd alternative on the whole CDT.
The roads all the way to Goldstone Pass?is the easiest alternative (unmarked on Ley)?and has been done by many.? 
This new route will have a hard time by-passing all water sources (Has CDTA?give up trying to kill?hikers?). ?What is the problem with the new route???? 
It will have to stay pretty high to avoid a lot of extra?climb over the 3?ridges to Pioneer Creek, Jahnke Creek, and Darkhorse Creek.? 
Rambler / toc
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After several years of study, the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest 
has selected a route for the Minor-Berry-Goldstone segment of the CDT? 
along the Montana-Idaho border (our Big Hole Segment 4). The Trail would? 
retain its current alignment south as far as Berry Creek. Next, a? 
realignment to the Jahnke Creek drainage would eliminate several miles? 
of roads along the interim route. After climbing to the Darkhorse Lake? 
Road (passing half a mile below Jahnke Lake), the CDT would then track? 
the Continental Divide to Goldstone Pass. 

The Society is reviewing the Forest's decision and supporting? 
environmental assessment, with particular attention to the statement? 
that the decision "does not change or close motorized travel routes."? 
This apparently applies even to portions of the Trail which the Forest? 
itself recognizes as "no longer open to motorized use based on the? 
[2009] BDNF Forest Plan" and the EA's Table 1, which shows that there? 
would be 0 [zero] miles of CDNST Open to Motorized on the selected? 
alternative route. 

The Forest documents can be accessed at the Beaverhead-Deerlodge? 
National Forest website at http://www.fs.fed.usda.gov/goto/bdnf/projects? 
[or, we found, by googling the forest by name and opening the listing of? 
all projects (the Schedule of Proposed Actions)]. 

Upon completion of its review, the Society may file an appeal of the? 
decision. A 45-day filing period started upon publication of legal? 
notice in the Montana Standard newspaper in Butte. We are tracking down? 
that publication date to ensure that an appeal, if filed, is timely. We? 
welcome CDT-L readers' comments and suggestions. 

Jim Wolf 


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