[Cdt-l] John Galt speaks...

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 13:17:49 CST 2011

"Free skier" Ryan Hawks, age 25, died Tuesday in California from injuries suffered while attempting a backflip off of a 40' drop. (News item very Google-able.) One of the comments left at Yahoo! News was to the effect "Ha! Another Darwin Moment!" It brought the following awesome response from one "John Galt" (*another name that's very Google-able):

  I suppose it would have been better if this article said that "Ryan
  Hawks, age 65, slumped over at his desk and died in his cubicle after
  40 years of faithful service to Acme Incorporated. He was just five
  years away from a meager pension that would have allowed him to eke
  out his sunset years living like a dog. He leaves behind a wife who
  hasn't slept with him in 20 years and a couple of kids who were too
  busy with their own problems to care about what he was doing."

  How's that for Evolution, Mr. Darwin?

  There are many ways to spend this gift called life. A 40 foot
  backflip is one of the better ones in my book. RIP Ryan.

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