[Cdt-l] Southern Terminus?

Matthew Edwards Hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Sat Mar 5 21:14:50 CST 2011

The Columbus route was beautiful. The off-trail crossing over the Florida Mtns, and South Peak's summit, makes for a great second day on the trail.
Jonathan Ley's maps cover all three southern termini and have up to date hiker feedback.
Some of the highlights of the Columbus route after Deming was the Butterfield stage route, Massacre peak, and Fort Cummings Ruins. 
The views from the plains below the Cooke's range and then the climb through the canyons into the Black Range up to Hillboro Peak is wonderfully scenic. 
I am really glad i took the Columbus route and it was a good primer for thing to come as far as route finding. 
Anyhow Jonathan Ley's maps are superb for the entire CDT. 
As a cranky map and compass guy I really enjoyed having them. 
As far as hikers walking the highway.. who cares? HYOH right? :)
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