[Cdt-l] Southern Terminus

Rick Ostheimer rick.ostheimer at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 7 15:54:03 CST 2011

I highly recommend the Crazy Cook route.  With the desert in bloom, it 
was very beautiful last spring, and, as reported, deserted.   The BLM 
has erected large CDT signs spaced about as far away as the eye can see 
to mark the way, though some of them may have been blown or knocked 
over, so map reading is still a prerequisite skill.

I also recommend availing oneself of Sam Hughes' shuttle services.  Even 
if you have a 4WD and good maps, those roads would be hard to follow and 
hard on your vehicle.  The amount Sam charges is very reasonable 
considering the terrain over which you travel.  Plus, he stocks water in 
a couple of the BLM caches for you.


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