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I personally drove 2 hikers, San Gabriel &  Tika, from ADZ to CC in 2009. I 
paid Sam to shuttle me to CC in 2010; his $90 is  quite reasonable - six 
hours of his time and a lot of wear & tear  on any vehicle, not to mention the 
cost of gasoline right now. I drive  roads like that here in Big Bend TX, 
and know what they do to a vehicle. Plus  he'll help you with his water 
caches, and yours. 
    When trying to hitch from I-10 south 20 mi to  Hachita in 2010, it was 
a holiday, and no cars passed in an hour; I  called Sam, who drove another 
40 miles round trip to bring me to Hachita, &  on to CC, asking no extra $. I 
gave him $110.
    In one of my highly opinionated opinions, if  you can't afford Sam, you 
can't afford to be hiking. You'll be the one leaving  few or no $ in Trail 
Angels' tip jars. If you can't afford the Yogi-recommended  $20 per night at 
the Saufleys, the Schwarzers, Nita Larrondes, the Persons,  the Heitmans, 
the Dinsmores [to mention the "full service" places I can recall  at the 
moment], etc, etc, you can't afford to be hiking. I've seen many, many  hikers 
sponging off other hikers and angels; I've seen my $20 in the Dinsmores  tip 
box, but nothing else from 3 other hikers staying in their dorm, using their 
 shower & laundry, picking up resupply boxes there, and getting rides from  
them. Come on folks! These people give and have given thousands of hours of 
time  and thousands of dollars to we hikers! 
Bob "Trekker"  Brewer
Big Bend Desert Denizen, and...
Naturalized Citizen - Republic of  Texas

"Government cripples you, then hands you a crutch and says, 'See,  if it 
wasn't for us, you couldn't walk.' " -- Harry Browne

"If you think  health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it 
costs when its free."  -- P J O'Rourke
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