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I don't know where you got the idea that the CT is hot.  Segment 2 might be
a bit warm but it stays at fairly good altitude after that.  It's a perfect
30 day end to end hike. If you start in Denver heading south you'll be
acclimatized by time you reach anything really high.  There is plenty of

CDT in Glacier is nice but you have to get permits.  You could reserve some
right now I think.        

best wishes,

Jerry Brown
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Okay, there's this faint possibility that I would have a 30-day window in
which to take a walk, around mid-Summer this year. Off the top of my head,
there would be 

1) The Long Trail 280+ miles that increase in their gnarlydom as you walk
north. But I've done it already, and it *is* "close" (i.e., a "long green
tunnel"). Hmmmm.

2) The Colorado Trail 500 miles, some CDT-ness, "hot"/"dry" in spots...

3) Continental Divide in some subparts -- e.g., 
Rawlins WY SOBO to Denver CO
Rawlins WY NOBO to Yellowstone/ID

Conditioning? Right now, I'm a desk-driving flunkie, and the last serious
hike I was on was 2004. I'd be solo (big advantage), and route-finding is no
big deal (outside of the fact that this *is* the cdt), but I just went on a
couple of easy runs the other day, and I am *still* feeling it -- I can't
just run out the door anymore -- too much sitting...(must train!) SO!

In 2007, I did most of the Winds courtesy of The Great Guide, Sly[!], and
then bopped around bushwhacking Medicine Bow and Mt. Zirkle -- totally loved
everything I saw by car from Helena to I70/Denver. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

1) LT? (Probably not.)

2 CT? (Will it be too hot in mid-Summer? Too dry? Better elsewhere?)

3) CDT? (Something like the Winds up north past Yellowstone? OMG? Should I
even bother thinking of something else? "Glacier" is too much bother by now,

Tom McGinnis, City Dude
ONCE known as "sloetoe" the hiker......
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