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Glacier reserves half of it's campsites for "walk ins".  In 2009 just walked in and started "negotiating".  Had to wait one day before walking thru areas needing the permits, but it went pretty well.  There is a "free" bus that drives about so one spot involved hailing down the bus and driving a few miles down a road to a camping area (hey it had showers and a restaurant); then bus back to the trail in the morning.  Several hikers who had had permits for months still had to make changes since bear activity had closed several sites.  Glacier in the summer was amazing!  Headed from South to North so didn't even need permits until after E. Glacier.  Camped at the park boundary, then next few days hit campsites at roads that always seemed to have a space for a few little tents.

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Sir Toe - 
In June '98 I wrote a letter to the Glacier people telling them I was gonna thruhike the next year 
('99) but that I wanted to see Glacier at it's best (summer) and was it possible to schedule a hike 
either Nobo or Sobo through Glacier in July.  We knew it was a lost cause but still worth a shot.  
A week later I got a call from the scheduling office telling us that we could do it if we were willing 
to be flexible and lay over a day at Red Eagle Lake.  So we did.  
No guarantee that would work again, but if I wanted to go through Glacier, it's what I'd try.  
For the Rawlins - Denver thing - and the CT - the mountains "can" be hot, but not too lilkely.  
In '97 we did most of the section south  from CO114 to Wolf Creek Pass - lots of rain, 
cold and snow/hail near Wolf Creek Pass.  
Rawlins - ID - the desert still isn't predictable.  In '99 it was mostly a furnace, in 2006, we got 
hypothermic the first day out of Rawlins while the week prior it had hit 118 deg.  Then it was in 
the low 80's into the Winds, where we had hail storms.  
It's all good.  
Have a good one,


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> Okay, there's this faint possibility that I would have a 30-day window in which to take a walk, around mid-Summer this year. Off the top of my head, there would be 
> 1) The Long Trail 280+ miles that increase in their gnarlydom as you walk north. But I've done it already, and it *is* "close" (i.e., a "long green tunnel"). Hmmmm.
> 2) The Colorado Trail 500 miles, some CDT-ness, "hot"/"dry" in spots... Hmmmm.
> 3) Continental Divide in some subparts -- e.g., 
> Rawlins WY SOBO to Denver CO
> or
> Rawlins WY NOBO to Yellowstone/ID
> Conditioning? Right now, I'm a desk-driving flunkie, and the last serious hike I was on was 2004. I'd be solo (big advantage), and route-finding is no big deal (outside of the fact that this *is* the cdt), but I just went on a couple of easy runs the other day, and I am *still* feeling it -- I can't just run out the door anymore -- too much sitting...(must train!) SO!
> In 2007, I did most of the Winds courtesy of The Great Guide, Sly[!], and then bopped around bushwhacking Medicine Bow and Mt. Zirkle -- totally loved everything I saw by car from Helena to I70/Denver. WHAT DO YOU THINK?
> 1) LT? (Probably not.)
> 2 CT? (Will it be too hot in mid-Summer? Too dry? Better elsewhere?)
> 3) CDT? (Something like the Winds up north past Yellowstone? OMG? Should I even bother thinking of something else? "Glacier" is too much bother by now, right?)
> Tom McGinnis, City Dude
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