[Cdt-l] Starting AZT to GDT tomorrow morning

Benjamin Mayberry benmayberry at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 18:09:20 CDT 2011

Quick recap: The 'AZT to GDT Route' is a ~4,250 mile combination of
four different long-distance hiking routes that runs from the
U.S.-Mexico border at the Arizona Trail's southern terminus to deep in
the Canadian Rockies at the northern terminus of the Great Divide Trail. Its
largest section is along the Continental Divide Trail, which it follows for
about 1,800 miles from southern Colorado to
Waterton Lakes.

I'm headed off to Arizona tonight and I'll hit trail tomorrow morning. I'm
hoping to join the CDT at Stony Pass (near Silverton, CO) in late May/early
June - hopefully I'll cross paths with some fellow thru-hikers somewhere out
there between Stony Pass and Glacier.

Follow along at http://benmayberry.net

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