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Ken Powers ken at gottawalk.com
Wed Mar 23 15:34:20 CDT 2011

Mailing fuel canisters is NOT illegal. see http://www.gottawalk.com/shipping_fuel.htm for instructions for shipping fuels by US mail. Shipping fuel by UPS or FedEx is not worth the effort involved (and may no longer be legal).

Depending on your viewpoint the cost may be prohibitive. We just include the fuel canisters in our re-supply boxes where they will be needed. YMMV

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  It's hard to find a reliable source for isobutate canisters along the CDT.  Small towns don't have them.  Mailing them to yourself is illegal/cost-prohibitive.

  Consequently, most hikers on the CDT find that alcohol stoves are a better alternative.  Aside from their other advantages, alcohol fuel is available seemingly everywhere, and is affordable.

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    On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 3:50 PM, Ralph Alcorn <rbalcorn at gmail.com> wrote:

    > Anyone know if Two Medicine would have the Gigapower fuel canisters or
    > equivalent?


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