[Cdt-l] Canister fuel available in Glacier Nat'l Park stores?

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A bit more info..  A tribal permit is required to hike the trail from Marias
Pass to E. Glacier.  You will be finishing the Bob Marshall at that point so
a little time off in E. Glacier will be in order.  I would suggest hitching
to E. Glacier when you get to the pass, then returning to do that as a easy
dayhike.  The tribal permit can be purchased at the gas station on Hwy 2 and
is not very expensive.  The tribe can use the money.   


You can easily hike E Glacier to Two Medicine when you feel rested and they
will issue all the permits for the rest of the hike to Canada.  There is a
campground at Two Medicine where you can probably stay with other hikers
waiting on permits if needed.  If you show up at Two Medicine in the
afternoon you may have to stick around a day to get the campsites you want,
but you might get permits starting the next morning.   


best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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Thanks for tips re East Glacier. Will contact Mark re resupply needs.

Ralph Alcorn

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