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Is CDT GPS data available for MT?  Specifically, Butte area to YNP?



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   2. GPS & Map Options (Rick Ostheimer)
   3.  GPS & Map Options (Jerry Brown)
   4. CDTS Columbus route KML & GPX (Brett)

Planning on hiking Colorado  portion of CDT summer 2011.
I understand that there are various routes, various maps, various GPS units
that are compatible with certain software.  Do I select a GPS according to
the maps/software that I use?  Do I use Ley software? National Geographic
Trail Illustrated software? CDTS CD Maps?  A combination of all of the

So many choices - so many decisions.



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Detailed gps waypoint data in gpx format for both NM and CO may be
downloaded from cdtrail.org at no cost via this link:   


This data is for the official route.  There are almost 2,000 waypoints for
NM and 1700 for Colorado.  All the features detailed in the mapbooks (and
more) are included as waypoints.   

Our New Mexico Mapbook is done.  (or nearly so - waiting for a proof right
now)  It will be available in 1-2 weeks.   I will post here when it's

Jerry Brown  (bearcreek)

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