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Moynihan mary.moynihan at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 13:23:58 CDT 2011

I'd like to get some input from hikers who did the butte or anaconda routes
in last last couple of years. (Freefall in yogi's book said the trail was
finished in 09 and highly recommended it.) Sounds much more scenic and not
along a road. Ley's maps are positive overall for the new trail, but there
is a bit of navigation and ATV use near homestake. Anyone in the last two
years go to Homestake? Sounds like a great option to save time rather than
trying to get around the spread out town of Butte.
Also, anyone go to Quarry Brewing on Galena Street in Butte? (Pretty neat
the brewery is located on this street as Galena is a commonly used hop in
Of course if I get to Montana and don't have the time with winter
approaching, Anaconda will be the desired route and all the planning for
Butte would be discarded anyway.


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