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I have to disagree with that statement jack - as border problems tend to get worse in the bootheel (eg: CC) more and more people will do the sensible route - there are very few people on the CC route this year too

el coyote
Keith and Mary
Trail Angels
Deming, NM

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Likely more and more people will be hiking the Crazy Cook route. I'd expect the 
rend of decreasing numbers on the Columbus route to continue.
ks1007 at aol.com wrote:
it is truly amazing that last year we had 24 nobo's at our place plus about 6 
ore that didn't use our services 
this year we have 6 confirmed nobo's - economy effecting hikers? or are people 
oing it alone? if you take wolf's route you miss the hiker renowned BBQ place 
nd us - or will people get off the bus here and call me? surprise!!!

el coyote
Keith and Mary
Trail Angels
Deming, NM

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