[Cdt-l] gear support person?

Ryley Breiddal ryleyb at gmail.com
Wed May 4 22:30:22 CDT 2011

Hello CDT friends,

I'm hiking SOBO this year, and I find myself in need of an American to
hold onto a couple pieces of "emergency" gear for me.  My home base is
in Canada, and although getting stuff shipped from here is reasonably
cheap, delays at the border can make it worthless for thru-hiking
purposes.  What I'm hoping for is that someone hiking this year
already has such a support person, and that I could just piggy-back
onto them.

I think the sum of things I would want to send are:
-ice axe

I will bounce anything else that is lighter/fits in a bounce box.

Please contact me directly if you can help!

Ryley "Hoover" Breiddal
PCT 2007

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