[Cdt-l] Water Notes Aldo Leopold Route New Mexico

david booth david.booth at internode.on.net
Tue May 10 22:51:24 CDT 2011

Water notes:
After Reeds Peak,
Ley map 30h.
2. Squeaky Spring piped to a concrete box, excellent water, on the  
left of the trail just before a  big clearing.
5. Reeds Meadow (with turkeys) excellent water.

Ley Map 30g
None found at Diamond Peak.

Water at Footbridge before Fishermans Bluff

Ley Map 30f.
No water at 1. and 3.
2.Water in canyon at base of descent. 1/4 mile down, leave packs at  

Ley Map 30e
No water at 2
3. Adobe Spring poor water.
1. Daytime tank muddy water

Ley Map 30d
1 mile south of Wahoo Tanks excellent water in canyon after trail  
Wahoo Tanks not seen.
Spaniard Tank not visited.

1. Garcia windmill excellent water

Ley Map 30c

2. Boulevarde Tank no good water, stinking mess.

Ley Map 30b
1.Bratton Pond (pond Ok but I got water in creek below the pond (near  
a dead cow!))
Also Graveyard Well had water (I did the road walk here).
Big tanks also had water on the way down. Muddy.
Did not visit Coyote Tank.

Ley Map 30a
3.North Tank very good clear water. (for a tank)
4.Divide Tank low level muddy water but i still took some.
2. Ghost Lake no water.

Ley Map 30
7. Very good water flowing in canyon.
2. Water in canyon ck.
3. Dutchman Tk not visited.

Ley Map 29

5. Cienga Tk. A covered spring excellent water. Plus a muddy tank  
down hill.
1. Water flowing in Govina Cnyn.

Hope this helps
also a small cache at Hway 12.

best regards
Aussie Dave

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