[Cdt-l] Snowpack south of Cumbres Pass

Dan Bedore mr_dan_bedore at yahoo.com
Sat May 21 16:18:59 CDT 2011

4 section hikers have just completed a ten mile hike south of Cumbres Pass. All of the 10 miles had at least 3 feet of snow, all soft and all plowing and postholing. Further, Hopewell? Lake 30 miles south of the pass had over a foot of snow. Ambient temperatures locally do not promise a quick melt, and there will be 2 more snowfall days in the coming week. I have hiked from Columbus to Ghost Ranch with just a few miles of snowpack between the north face of Taylor and the San Pedro Parks Wilderness, but I am now inventing ways to delay. Throughhikers right behind me may also wish to start slowing down. 

On a brighter note, I'm having a great time on my trip as it approaches the 600 mile mark. Hope to see you all on the trail. 


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