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Moynihan mary.moynihan at gmail.com
Mon May 23 12:20:29 CDT 2011

Speedstick here,
Just checking in from Grants, NM. Can't believe the trail has gone by as
fast as it has, although it's almost unavoidable to push mileage as dirt
road walking comes easy. There are several hikers who have bottlenecked here
in Grants, staying witht he wonderful Hugo and Carole. I think everyone's
idea is to stick close through the area and enter the San Juans by the
beginning of the 2nd week of June and then going on by ourselves afterwards,
at least me anyways (planning to be done by ALDHA's gathering on the 22nd
though). Sticking together will allow for saftey in numbers and the
experiences we all have had on previous trails amongst other experience
living and skiing backcountry in mountainous terrain should allow for safe
The hikers in town now are: Peanut Eater, Hurricane, Paranoid, Smiletrain,
Straightjacket, Tomato and one other hiker(a solo female) just arrived an
hour ago. Fun bunch of hikers, indeed. I am glad to be sharing my time along
the CDT with them all.
OK, enough of this technology, back to the hiking today, heading over Mount
Taylor in beautiful blue skies....
*To find out more about Mary and her upcoming hike along the 3,000 mile long
Continental Divide Trail please go to*: www.marriedtothetrail.com
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