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On the subject of snowpack - this year's snowpack is at "epic" levels throughout much of the west. Everyone's probably heard that.  The depth of snow is one threat, the amount of water in the snow column is also unusually high. And many areas are having a cool spring, so the melt is delayed. All this means that run-off has the potential to create some serious flooding and damage. No one knows yet exactly what will happen or when it will happen. And impacts are likely to be highly variable. There are potential challanges beyond when will the trails be open.  Bridges, and even roads, are at risk of severe damage - they may, or may not, be what you expect them to be.  If I were planning a hike this year, I'd watch as closely as I can the news and check on various sources of info for specific areas (park serice, forest servise etc).  And, I'd probably watch this list - the CDT community is great at bringing site specific info forward.  As for the Pintlers, I drove over Lost Trail Pass yesterday where the snow is still so deep the rest area is closed and there were fresh telemark tracks on the ski slope.......August?  Let's hope!

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> >>>Interesting year to be on the trail....
> With that in mind, Gutsy and I need to determine the best time to hike through the Anaconda Pintlers.  In mid July 2008 we were headed south on the CDT and turned around due to snow at 9,000' elevation on the switchbacks above Upper Seymour Lake.  I am now planning to begin hiking south from there on August 15, and hope it will be passable.
> Gutsy and Odometer
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