[Cdt-l] NM Nbnd Snow Lk to NM-12

Bob Brewer peektrekker4 at aol.com
Tue May 24 10:36:25 CDT 2011

JLey 32 -
Just N Snow Lk & just bef gravel rd goes L uphill, go R on lesser dirt rd; a bit further just bef rd curves left around hill, R on even lesser dirt rd, ????R. It ends @ fence & you enter x-cnty in T Bar Cyn; take h2o 1st pl you see it, as there is no more, excpt 1 filthy cowhole - Wolf 5.3.
Climb out of T Bar Cyn not marked, or obvious; I didn't miss narrow, deep cyn, but gps track didn't fit when I started up obvious tr, once in cyn; went back to T Bar, Around  next hill & climbed up into grassy ridges x-country.
JLey 31 -
Didn't go to Eckleberger or Turkey spgs - too far off. 
Where x-country shortcut starts, multi-rock cairn about at Divide & 2-rock cairn about where gps track bgns x-country.
JLey 30 -
No h2o Note 7 - enter Cox Cyn.  Davis Spg bare trickle fm spg pipe, 10-15 min/qt; tank full, but 3 dead squirrels or whatever on bottom of tank. IF DAVIS DRIES UP IT'LL BE 45-50 MI FM SNOW LK to DAMIAN SPG for on-tr h2o.
Deadman Tank has h2o, blu-brn fm 200 yds away; Deadman Spg has shallow, scumy, sm puddle.
At a cattle guard, the CDTA rte comes in fm the R; turn L on FS-3070; soon pass a CDT sign, shortly a lg cairn tells you to drop off 3070, then signs galore; correct rte is in 2010 Wolf N NM Book & on CDTA maps, so should be no more confusion, or fading out trs Sbnd. Tread is fairly new & obvious.
JLey 29 & CDTA 46 -
Maintenance Note (hence Maint): Switchbacks in burn are are treacherous - way too much loose rocks & dirt for steepness; descent to saddle also slippery, w/1 easy step under tree across tr. 2 trees on tr abt .5 aft saddle; a lg tree abt 1.0 aft saddle.
Took Wolf & JLey purple alt in Sect PB 39. NO h2o in tank & no h2o fm hose bet 2 cabins uphill to L; Todd Cienega Tank has brn-grn h2o.
Got on wrong rd @ jct bef Note 1; where higher rd to SE crosses saddle of 2nd point dropped dn x-country back into Govina Cyn, just bef Note 4 - but no h2o or visible spg. Follow old rd traces & footpaths to dry Lopez Tank; rd curves away fm drainage; @ a stump w/2 rock cairn on top, & a piece of rusty sheet metal (not a trash pile), turn L up drainage (I went up open slope to R of drainage.).
Maint: On long descent off Wagontongue Mtn, 16 trees on tr to Damian Spg rd.
DAMIAN SPG IS DEAD this spring; spent an hr round trip fightin my way up to 2 pools, abt 1/2 in deep; couldn't be dug out as no flow to clear the h2o. ARAGON WELL IS STILL DEAD.
@ Nm-12, 2 gl cache, not enough in this dry, dry yr, but greatly appreciated.

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