[Cdt-l] NM Nbnd NM-12 to Pie Town

Bob Brewer peektrekker4 at aol.com
Wed May 25 08:04:17 CDT 2011

BACK NOTE: From my hitch into Snow Lk, the 2 story, large motel in Reserve was completely gutted by fire a few months ago.
Someone please send this part to Yogi; I didn't get her email into this Peek 9.

JLey 28 -
JLey 27 -
Valle Tio Vinces Tank is dry; VTV Spg has not so good h2o in a tank, uphill by the spring. There is h2o, at present.
CDTA 50 - 
Never saw Upper Cat Tank, wet or dry @ 16.3 in or just aft that hairpin turn; Lwr Cat Tank had  brn-grn oily h2o; the nxt unnammed tank was much larger, but had brn oily h2o. 
Just past new house, "pvt tank near rd" is metal tank w/well & pump beside it; open breaker box, flip bottom double breaker, & get @ 1" stream of h2o; sign in box says, "Hello Hikers..."; this @ Wolf 16.3 & CDTA 23.5WT.       
No cattleguard caches last 15 mi. H2o in box outside Animal Shelter gate, abt 7 mi bef Pie Town.
Jim Wolf, the Toaster House is still very much in business!

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