[Cdt-l] A place for you to stay in Helena, MT!

Andrew Rivers funkwithoutjunk at gmail.com
Fri May 27 14:49:35 CDT 2011

      I dont think this went through before... But this year I am
going to open my apartment t)o hikers in helena, Montana. I am an AT
(04) half of PCT (06) and CDT (07) hiker! Lodging in Helena can be
expensive and Helena is very spread out. So, I have a floor and a
truck and am willing to host hikers and give them rides to/from the
trailhead as well as around town. I live right downtown with another
hiker (d=rt), and we have a huge living room floor! Please call me
ahead of time if you'd like to stay here. I work out of town 3 nights
a week typically (though maybe not this Summer), but if you call or
email ahead, I can make things work! Email: funkwithoutjunk at gmail.com
Phone (540)-845-7993.


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