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The following is a list of people to thank for inspiring me, helping me, and making my trail life more enjoyable. It's my personal list in no particular order. "The Trail" has meant so much to my life. Just felt like doing this.
Sure I left a lot out here...to be amended.

Ed Garvey- met him a few times including one night at the old Beaver Brook shelter on a rainy night in mid 1960's. 
Attended his lectures.... Inspirational

Jim Wolf- one of "The hikingest hikers of all time. His love of the trail in it's entirety including the flora and fauna surrounding him shines through. Thank you sir. 

Eric Ryback- loved your book, it so helped inspire me and many others. Meant a lot to me - to dream of going long distance. Still brings goosebumps...where's my pack, let's go!

Scott Williamson- one of the best soloist long distancer's I've crossed paths with. Major helping of determination present in him inspires. Overcome a lot of adversity. And of course scott's 99 % rule and does it all himself.

Doug Robinson - no one is more at home and at ease in the mountains than he, period. He has mountain wisdom and is a total mountain man to me. Mentor deluxe!

Reinhold  Messner- need I say more. The ultimate trekker of all time. 

Jim and Ginny Owen - Thank you - your passion for the trail is considerable especially the CDT and I feel a certain connection with you after reading your writings even though we haven't met yet. Hope to someday though.   

Benton to Myron..... "hey let's put a long trail over there from Georgia to Maine so people can recreate!" Myron, "Right on!"

Earl Schaeffer........................

Ray Jardine- didn't invent lightweight, but sure took it to a new level and to mainstream hiker conscienceness. When I see a couple of people scooting down the trail with their umbrellas I call them " Ray J's" just wish I'd follow Rays dictums more like when I carry 10 oz's of fresh "pete's Sumatran coffee" ugh  maybe I'll learn someday 

Jon Ley - nice job and tyvm. Still get lost though.....
You've done some serious hiking, most impressive. 
Oh, I'll try to improve on my hitchhiking next time.

Yogi- She's into it. Really! 
Ty for the work u put in. 

"Billy Goat" fellow trailsonality 

Jean Craighead George- helped me dream.......tyty

"I love it out here. This is where I feel at home. I am not much for urban or suburban areas. I am like a fish out of water there..... Slowly losing it's life by suffocating. My life energy slowly drains away from me when I am outside the wilderness and the mountains. This is where I belong. Other hikers have to complete trails and get them over with. Well with me I don't ever want it to end. If I had enough money I would probably never go back. I would just keep "being" out in the wilds. Walking around and experiencing. For me it's not hiking fast, although I can and have...it's hiking last! I want to still be out there."
That passage was from my PCT southbound of 2000

I will be back out on the trail soon. I always go back.
HYOH everyone, happy trails and have a safe journey...
And thanks
The Otter

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