[Cdt-l] SoBO finish at Crazy Cook

Ryan Bozzell bozcruces at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 13:18:50 CST 2011

Another successful SoBo finish on the CDT. Picked up my buddy at Crazy Cook on 
November 4th...He went on to shuttle about four or five other SoBo 
hikers finishing a week behind him. I've been to all three south 
terminus locations now and Crazy Cook is by far the most scenic of them 
all. It wasn't as hard to get to as all the hype leads one to believe. I have a Toyota Tocoma, but never needed four wheel drive. Although 
during wetter times of year there could be mud bog issues. As far as the other two terminus locations go, they are both paved roads all the way 
down to a port of entry. Crazy Cook is actual trail with posted signs 
and a beautiful monument.

Below is a video of my buddy finishing his thru of the CDT and Triple Crown.


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