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So then the only option for unsupported hikers is road walking to/from Columbus? Wouldn't you be willing to take or pick up a hiker from Crazy Cook or Antelope Wells? I know you provide a lot of support for hikers, but are you influencing their decision based on your personal convenience to a certain terminus? If the answer is yes that is totally fine. It is a large remote area and it is asking a lot of just one person to be shuttling hikers all over southern New Mexico. I know I couldn't do it. All I am saying is let it be known what you can do for people and that's it. Don't add in fluff to persuade. All we really want to do is hike. What if someone wanted to really finish at the monument and was persuaded to finish elsewhere and then later regretted it? We may get really excited about an Italian restaurant on trail, but then later what dose that even mater? We are out there for so long and what we really look forward to is that finish line. I am just
 saying...that is all...let the hiker chose then let them know if you can help or not...forget the fluff.

Thank you again el coyote for all that you do for us hikers...just trying to help.

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but you do need a big vehicle to get to CC - can't do it in a passenger car - what would the other 4 or five had done if you weren't there? it is an extremely rocky road - logistically wolf's route is better for people without support plus after you finish you get to go to a great italian restaurant with beer and wine - then there's the brew pub right around the corner - I guess scenic is in the eye of the beholder - antelope wells has the same scenery and mts - 

el coyote
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Another successful SoBo finish on the CDT. Picked up my buddy at Crazy Cook on November 4th...He went on to shuttle about four or five other SoBo hikers finishing a week behind him. I've been to all three south terminus locations now and Crazy Cook is by far the most scenic of them all. It wasn't as hard to get to as all the hype leads one to believe. I have a Toyota Tocoma, but never needed four wheel drive. Although during wetter times of year there could be mud bog issues. As far as the other two terminus locations go, they are both paved roads all the way down to a port of entry. Crazy Cook is actual trail with posted signs and a beautiful monument.

Below is a video of my buddy finishing his thru of the CDT and Triple Crown.



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