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Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 15 01:01:51 CST 2011

Ibex horns indeed. Nice find! 

It seems that everyone wants the celebratory photo with the ibex horns... why, even junior is getting in on the act!


I don't mean to dampen the spirits. At least we know Gadget's find likely died a natural death, free of the deleterious influences of human vanity (your rack, my wall, baby!).

Of course, the ibex was brought here specifically for hunting. All well and good, but there ain't no goosebumps in finding one up there with such factual baggage in tow. Gotta stay in the moment, always, I say...

- blisterfree

I didn't see any live Ibex, but did Lucky Joe and I were kind of impressed
at finding an intact skull with horns in going down a steep gully
descending South Peak four days ago:

And thanks for letting me know just what it was we found, about all I could
come up with was "goat" or "ram".
In terms of "who has more fun", it must be a mix of factors.  NOBO's have
no idea of the pain and suffering ahead of them ... ;-)


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