[Cdt-l] India Spider Man & Ins Q

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I will be 18 months from medicare when I retire in April.  Once medicare
starts I will have supplemental coverage again through my employerbut
nothing until then,   but i am not interested in waiting another 18 months
to get back on the trail.  I do want to do some serious hiking while I still


I would be interested in partnering up with someone who might like to use
two cars and leapfrog our way up the trail.  Always moving north while
hiking south.  Would that make one a nobo or sobo hiker?






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I got a high deductible BC/BS policy when I quit working.  It's expensive,
but at my age I'm not willing to do without some insurance.  When I was
younger I took the risk of having none and was lucky.  With your history of
cancer, insurance is likely to be really expensive.  Does your wife work?
Can you get insurance through her?  


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Break from cdt stuff, and forgive me for posting, but I am so impressed by
this climber from India who learned climbing technique from studying






one cdt item.  what have some of you done for medical insurance while
hiking?  I may be without coverage for 19 months until I can get to
medicare.  I need ideas.  





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