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stephen olshansky olshanskystephen at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 20 15:27:41 CST 2011

Nice post Iceaxe, enjoyed it. Nice to know others suffer from the same 
affliction/affection of the trail. Gets in one's blood. You did a superb job on your CDT journals also. The allure of the trail is so powerful 
in me that several years ago I made a mini wood stove for my winter 
treks. Couldn't wait for spring... Nothing like the wood stove in the 
tent on a long winter night. going to try to put a pic up here, don't 
know if i can otherwise will put it up on my website tonight theotterden.com in the years since titanium goat has come out with a couple of beauties, ultralight woodys. 

As far as help goes.......just keep on journey-ing, the destination matters not, its the deed of the journey itself.
Life is a hikeThe Otter
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