[Cdt-l] CDT Digitzed Base Maps

Scott Parks public at postholer.com
Sun Oct 23 22:23:23 CDT 2011

Soooo, Friday I got home and downloaded some DEM data for the CDT and 
then let the 'puter crank out 319, 1:40K scale, hill shaded, 8.5x11 
maps, using Ley's trace. They have elevation profiles, too.

The important thing to note is digitized base maps mean uniformity in 
colors, style, fonts, units of measure and NO seams from rasters being 
stitched together.

Here's all of Colorado:

These maps are created from the latest data possible. 2006 land cover, 
current hydrology data, USFS Topo and DEM data, etc. They have mileage 
markers every mile. No way points or resupply data in the legend as I 
don't have any CDT resupply data, yet. I'll get around to doing that later.

There are 5 types of land cover, bare ground, shrub, deciduous, mixed 
and evergreen. Bare ground is white, evergreen is the darkest green. 
Find me another map set that doesn't use 40 year old land cover.

This is the same process used for the postholer PCT Pocket Maps Books.

Gee, sure wish I had a current trail trace. I'd create the most awesome, 
CURRENT set of CDT maps around! And of course I'd make those maps, any 
scale or paper size, freely available to the trace owner. ;)



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