[Cdt-l] Postholer CDT mapping

david booth david.booth at internode.on.net
Mon Oct 24 23:10:24 CDT 2011

Scott has made a breakthrough, by adding up to date mapping  
information, but the nature of the hike is that there really is no  
single CDT.
On almost every map several alternatives exist. Jonathan has kept  
track of these and offers that variety.

I dont think hikers want a single CDT.

But I would like Jonathan's trails (official and alternative)  
available as a GPS trace (gpx file) as a single line or as a series  
of tracks that can be mixed and matched.
I have used Out of Order's gpx files on my GPS and have found them  
very useful with few "errors", so there is a starting point for Scott.
Perhaps Scott can sort out the Out of Order segments into "official"  
and "alternative" and then plot them on his master map.

I have also used CDTA gpx points on my GPS and find them less useful  
as they are sometimes too far apart to show the detailed trail, but  
the CDTA gpx would define the CDTA's  interpretation of what is  
I also lean heavily of Jim Wolf's descriptions and alternatives  
during the CDT planning process. I also seek out trail journals and  
also get a feel for the section from photos.

This year I have kept gpx files of my actual route in Wyoming and  
northern Colorado. Looking back on these files I see quite a few  
places where I didnt follow exactly either Wolf or Ley routes.

I guess it would be a matter of personal opinion of what constitutes  
my CDT and it is unlikely to be the same as your CDT.

What is Scott's next step?
best regards
Aussie Dave
Canberra Australia

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